Wilbur Suhre

Congratulations to winner Corey Choate on three in a row. Also congratulations to Joe Malench on becoming the first Senior Champion to have also previously won the regular division.

We look forward to another great year in 2019 and thanks again to participants in 2018. Mr. Suhre would be proud.

2019 Wilbur Suhre Memorial - July 20th - 21st

2018 Results
Championship: Choate Corey 136
A Flight: Dollen Daymond and Gage Brauns 146
B Flight: Scott Shulman 152
C Flight: Mike Weigand 158
D Flight: Joe Sink and Steve Meyer 164
Senior Division
Championship: Joe Malench 133
A Flight: Bill Smith 145
B Flight: Terry Creath 157
C Flight: Joe Ravelle 165
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Thanks to all who entered, and we hope to see you next year!
Tournament Director: Mike Suhre
Tournament Staff: Larry Suhre,
Nancy Suhre, and Mandy Suhre